Religious Congregation History

( 1 ). The Passionist Fathers 1934 (Passionist Fathers)
The priests came to Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania on 4 January 1934 and founder of the organization was the Cross Paul of the Cross born in Ovada Italy. They arrived at Dodoma January 1934. The main headquarters of Veyula is 25 miles [25 km] from Dodoma.Veyula despite being the headquarters of the Retriti home, the former Training Conference. The Patient Association provides spiritual and physical services in the various Parish. young people and interested in joining the Passionist Fathes. Paul's cross is the founder and administrator of the achiodiocese of Dodoma. The organization's manager is the Virgin Mary Queen of Africa.
( 2 ). The Misericordia Sisters of Verona (Huruma) 1934
The organization entered Dodoma with the first six sisters on 3 January 1934 Sr Arpalice Dalferro, Sr.John Turato, Sr Paolota Rossi, Sr Gilliana Lavarda, Sr Mansueta Zanon, Sr Genovefa Barbazeni. The mission of the organization started from Bihawana, Kurio and later to Kondoa, Haubi, Dodoma and Lumuma. At present they are in Dodoma where in 1981 they opened a house of origin, In 1986 the patriarchs gave their first vows. Here are Dodoma, Kibakwe, Itigi, Kintinku, Torture Dsm and Cultivate Cultivation.The International Missionary Association is based in Verona Italy. Other parts of the world provide services in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. And the organization provides educational services for kindergarten and secondary. Spiritual and physical information for girls who call for fate and those who read in their schools. Food, health and clothing for the poor. Medical practitioners, fasting and praying for the organization.
( 3 ). Sisters of Saint Gemma Galgani
Founder of the Organization is Deputy President St Francislao Ambrosini Mpasionisti. The joint venture was established in 1947 on September 14, as a state agency. The first masters monitored their Sr Gemma I popular vows (formerly the first mother of the organization), Sr Vincenza White (late), Sr Devota c'ale, Sr Maria Francisca Bari, Sr Paola Galima. The first organizers of the organization were sisters and grandmother of the organization Sister Columba Zogno and teacher of Novice sista Basiliana Visentini of the organization's Hurry Spirit organization is Pity and Persecution. Hirika's mission lies in the announcement of the kingdom of God by teaching the religion, teaching the world education from the kindergarten and the Kuta service to the poor. This State Agency in the Haubi, Itolo, Halls, Campsites, Parks, Backsliders, Campsites, Campsites and Outdoors State. And outside the archidiocese there are Singida Parish of Itigi and Sanza, the achiodiocese of Dar es salaam are Panga's parish, Ursin, Mbweni, Makoka. Archiodiocese of Arusha is the Burka Matevesi Parish, Southern Lover Masai. Archidiocese of Morogoro Tungi, Kola. Archidiocese of Tanga - Segera and Chang’ombe.
( 4 ). The Romantic Virgin Mary's Virgin Love (Ivrea Sisters) 1960
They came into Tanzania January 16,1960. Servant of God Antoni Maria Verna from Ivrea Torino Italy is the founder of the organization. Here Tanzania started their mission in Itiso and Itololo. The main centers are the Veyula Dodoma, which have a museum building and provide mission services. , Dar-es-salaam, Arusha and Muslims. The gift of the organization focuses on the salvation of all people and does not endorse the commitment of love. In the case of the Virgin Mary, the Abortion is based on the sin of the native. In their mission they focus on teaching, raising young people, teaching primary and elementary schools, training of girls and their seats, praying, fasting and praying for the people. The association is guided by 3 columns that are the Cross, the Holy Eucharist and the Rozari. And the organization consists of two moderators of Mt Josef and Paul's Vincent.
( 5 ). Brother Fransisko Revolution 1963
The Poultry Brothers went to Tanzania on 20 September 1963 from Italy-Florence Archidiocese of Tuscania. When received by DSM and UnderwritersHasati Bishop Bishop Geremia Pesce received them and gave them Mpwapwa District to perform their mission. The first ministers spoke to Mpwapwa by Thomas Bargali, Alessandro Menghi, Piertro Ciacalgi, Egidio Guidi and Donata Castilli. They started building masters and teens on December 8, 1963, priests Marco Burin A Mario entered Mpwapwa in 1964. They have played an important role in promoting spiritual and physical development. The home-based architecture of the Citizenship for the Policemen, and they work in Kongwa, Mlali, Kibaingwa and Pull.
( 6 ). The priests of Precious Blood of Jesus 1966
The beloved followers of St. Gaspar del Bufalo arrived in Tanzania on May 19, 1966 and were given to Manyoni as part of the mission at that time in the region of Dodoma. Most recently there are Singida where affiliates also serve Itigi and Chibumagwa. , The Radio Mwangaza Station, also the home of the Maintenance Campus. The Organization has focused on the evangelism in emphasizing the love of God who shed Her Aziz Blood by redeeming mankind, spreading the kingdom of God and Social Development using Radio Mwangaza.
( 7 ). The priests of Jesus' organization 1975 (Jezuit Fathers)
The priests of Jesus' organization came to Archidiocese of Dodoma for the invitation of the Father Retired Bishop Mathiasi Isuja Joseph for application of a letter written on 24 January 1975. It helps to satisfy pastoral and apostolic needs in the Catholic Sea for young people to teach religion in the schools and to help different groups to retreat , Officials agreed to approve of them.Part Stephen Fernando arrived at Dodoma On 30 August 1975. On September 9th, St. Stephen made the First Sacrament of the Holy Mass at a place where it is currently the 'Airport Parish' or the Airport Parish. The organizer of the Organization is Mt Inyasi Lolola. The provision of pastoral care services at the Airports Parish also provides youth care services in shelters, computers, values and education at the Mt Ignatius Preparatory & Primary School Swaswa School. Partners are located near the airport as 2 kilometers outside the city of Dodoma Road to Arusha
( 8 ). Sisters Missionary of Charity 1978 (Missionary of Charity of Mother Tereza)
At the invitation of Father Retired Bishop Mathiasi Isuja Joseph came to Dodoma on 4 April 1978, where the Hutu Parish, the Hombolo Village Bwawani.The Gold and the Heart of the Organization are extinguishing the thirst for Jesus Christ on the Cross for Love and dealing with salvation by serving people. And as partners They must live a life of love and prayer based on acts of righteousness, honesty and humility. Their mission focuses primarily upon the poor who do not have to pay for those monks. The members live in dependence and depend on God's prayer and guidance. Their mission focuses on Health in the community. Provide orphans, care for the elderly, and the inexperienced. Visiting and comforting the poor in rural areas, catechism in the fields and teaching girls to be healthy
( 9 ). Catechism Masters of Maria Immaculata Christian Support (SMI) 1982
These sisters from India came into Tanzania on 17 June 1982 at the invitation of Father Retired Bishop Mathiasi IsujaJoseph 's first mission was to teach a small Seminary seminar in Bihawana. In 1988 they bought a plot in Miyuji and on February 2, 1989 the foundation of the house was blessed, there and the start of a home-based home for their survivors is to develop their organization's missionary service. They have acquired the status of being Provinsia after opening the house Nzuguni Dodoma 1995, Morogoro 1997, and DSM 2003. Their mission is to visit the family sharing their happiness and grief, by listening to them and praying with them. They provide Health, Education and Care especially for mothers , girls and children and live up to the corporate slogan namely love for God and help others to love it too.
( 10 ). Charity Brothers of Mother Tereza 1984
The founder of the Organization is the Mother of Calcutta India. The delegation entered Dodoma on December 12, 1984, where they built their homes for the Dodoma community. The charity provides services to show God's love for all people, especially those in need of poor, old, blind, and blind hygiene and food also provide education for poor children.
( 11 ). Brothers of the Organization Mary's Mother of Mkombozi 1988 (Fiat Brothers)
Father Retired Bishop Mathiasi IsujaJoseph is the Founder of this State Organization on August 15, 1988. The organizational headquarters of the Ipala Parish of Hombolo.The gold of the organization is the livelihood of the Lord and Savior of the Lord Jesus Christ. They also assist young people in identifying young people or gifts their self-esteem and commitment to promoting the evangelizing work. The mission of the organization is primarily to teach religion, to educate and improve the lives of people in agriculture and livestock. The producers are working at the home of Ipala, Chikopelo, Magogo Mpwapwa and Achidiocese of Dodoma. Virgin Mary Mother of Mkombozi.
( 12 ). Massage Massage of Jesus' Blood
They entered the Dodoma Miyuji in 1991 and set up a Novisiati home. They lived with the Spaniards and the Pulpants. The organization's goal is to provide a great deal of love for the poor and those left behind in the community. Participants should develop education in order to get ministers meet the requirements of their mission. they are focused on teaching catechism for detainees, school students teaching world education, raising children affected by Aids and health care.
( 13 ). The Merciful Sisters 1994 (Misericodiose Sisters)
The organization entered Dodoma, Tanzania on 28 February 1994 and consists of 8 Masters, 5 Unions, 9 Protesters and 3 Protesters, engaging in living compassionate, openhearted, generous, generous, caring for the needs of the church and of the brothers also teaching teens and catechism.Thanks for elderly and dormitory care for girls and services in the parish. They worked in Dodoma Urban (Area D) and Kibaaigwa.
( 14 ). Ursula Museum 1995
The organization entered Dodoma in 1995 and set up Community Communities in Dodoma. Their mission here in Dodoma is to provide orphans whose parents have died of HIV, and to provide physical, mental, and spiritual children to their children.
( 15 ). Association of Jesus' Servants and Mary 1997
Founder is Dr. John S.Massawe of the Apostle of Jesus. By accepting the special document of Father Retired Bishop Mathiasi Isuja Joseph, the organization officially launched on 18 September 1997 Miyuji Dodoma. The affiliation began with one Father and four Ministers. The main mission of the mission was The organization is to provide for the poor and the spiritually-minded and spiritually-minded. And partners provide spiritual services in Parish and Vigango.
( 16 ). Sacraments Sanctuary Sacred SABS 2005
The organization entered Dodoma in 2005 and lived in the area of Nkuhungu. The contributors are dynamic in worshiping the Sacred Eucharist and the community. It is a Contemplative and Missionary organization .These Missionary Mission is being carried out In rural areas serving the poor and needy. The Eucharist that Jesus is in the Eucharist will be loved and worshiped by all. They appreciate the love of sacrifice, sacrifice and service. Their mission is involved in teaching catechism at school and world education, providing health care, loving and caring for the unhappy, orphans and victims of AIDS.
( 17 ). The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa Maria 2006
The organization entered Dodoma Miyuji on 8 November 2006 and provides education at Mt. Gaspar Miyuji Dodoma. The organization's goal is to bring about a change in the continent of Africa by participating in the work that stakeholders see and determine that they contribute to achieving the goal according to the timetable. Sometimes the only purpose of the organization is Missionary and the survival of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Affiliate charity services are based on individual and pre-emergence for family members or have an organization and grow More by integrating all of God's children. The partner welcomes girls who call on the Tutorials who are 18-35 years old with high school education. , Colleges and courses.