The first Bishop of Dodoma

The first Archbishop of Dodoma

The Diocese of Dodoma was officially inagurated on March 25, 1953 under His Lordship Antony Jeremiah Pesce as The First Bishop. Dodoma is among 34 dioceses found in Tanzania. Geographically diocese is 450 km from East coast of Tanzania in East Africa at 3650 feet above sea level.The Diocese covers 41310 square kilometres and it has population of 2,020,991 of which 321,885 are catholicies. In the year 1933-1951 ,The newly raised prefecture was formed from three main parts ; Kondoa Irangi from the vicariate of Kilimanjaro ; parts of Usandawe ,Bahi and Kibakwe which were parts of Bagamoyo vicariate (Morogoro) and some part of Bihawana which was vicariate of Iringa.
The Apostolic vicariate began in 1951 up to 1953 when Dodoma diocese was created . The Diocese had three vicariates ; The vicariate of Dodoma , The vicariate of Kondoa (Now Kondoa Diocese) and Mpwapwa vicariate . In 2015 , Dodoma Diocese was raised to Archdiocese under His Lordship Beatus Kinyaiya as The First ArchBishop by His Holiness Pope Francis.

The Holy Spirit Missionaries set their fect in 1907 at Kondoa from Kilimanjaro being the beginning of Catholic Faith. In 1910,The Benedictine Missionaries arrived at Miganga and Makonze respectively and later on,The Cosolata Missionaries arrived from Iringa and started working at Bihawana . In 1933 , The Passionist Congregation arrived from Italy . The Spirit of Evangelization in The Diocese of Dodoma had its best fruits in converting numerous people to Catholicism, that is,a great number of faithfuls , increase in different vocations especially to Priesthood , Religious, religious congregations , parishes , schools , institutes , and number of services in Social Centres.Indeed , it is needless to say , The efforts from The Missionaries and their Apostolic works in Our Diocese has seurhome . The message of Jesus Christ "Go ye into the whole world , and preach the gospel to every creature",Mark 16:15 In The year 2007,The Diocese celebrated the hundredth anniversay of the proclamation of the Gospel. The thanks giving mass was celebrated on 29th November 2007, the memorial day of the consecration of St. Paul of The Cross Cathedral.

The Archidiocese of Dodoma received the first seed of faith in 1907 from Rev.Father Andrew Kriger (Kafefe) , The Holy Spiritan Missionary from the vicariate of Kilimanjaro. His great journey started from Kibosho in Kilimanjaro , Father Andrew was accomparised by Brother Timotheo and Four catechists from Moshi . The long and firesome journey went through Arusha and later on Galapo where they were welcomed with The Generosity of Jumbe Dosa before leaving for Kondoa. In 18th August 1907 on Migungani Kisese -Itololo Kondoa , the seed of faith was planted by Father Andrew through the celebration of the First Holy Mass on the feast of St. Hellen under the baobab tree. This was the beginning of the seed of Evangelization in The Diocese of Dodoma.
After the first celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Father Krieger started the work of catechises in different parts of Kondoa especially was Haubi. The Kondoa parish was created the same year.The hard works of Father Krieger has its fruits two years later.It was on Christmas Feast on December 25, 1910 when the First Christians received their baptism. The good works of Father Krieger of evangelization of the word of Gospel in Kondoa , received a hand of support from his congregation , that is , Father Naegel and Father Joseph Lemble were sent to join hands with Father Krieger .The two missionaries were stationed at different places.Father Naegel assisted Father Krieger at Kondoa and Father Joseph Lemble was sent to Kurio-Usandawe in 1908 . In deed,this Zealous missionary celebrated his first mass on August 24, 1908 at Kurio. The first world war had its effects , Father Lemble moved from Kurio to India . Despite the scarcity of the evangelizers , other missionaries arrived Father Luigi Gaschy and two others from Bagamoyo at Bahi in 1912 . Father Gaschy was stationed at Bahi until 1935.

Always God is good , Father Lemble came back to Kurio on 6th January 1920 . Through the grace of God,Father Martin Von De Kimmenade of the Holy Spirit Missionary arrived at Kurio from Bagamoyo.On the 29th September 1929 , Father Lemble left for Farkwa to start a new mission leaving behind Father Kimmenade at Kurio. While the Priests of Holy Spirit Missionary were busy evangelizing in Kondoa and Bahi ,The Benedictine Monks,Father Mons Galus Steiger,and Joseph Daum and Brothers Camillo Wosch and Cyprian Hoegel in 1910 started evangelization of The Gospel at Miganga and Mkonze (Dodoma),through Bihawana up to 1922 . In 1922 , The Consolata Missionaries arrived from Iringa . These priests from The Consolata missionaries worked at Bihawana until 1934.


In 1933,The Holy see under His Holiness Pope Pius XI through the congregation of the Propagation of faith(Propaganda Fidei) ordered the Superior General of the Congregation of the Passionist(CP) to send the Priests of His Congregation to take charge of the missions in Dodoma. The First Passionist Missionaries were: - Father Leone Ferrarese, Giovanni Ivaldi,Father Dismas Gianotti,Father Fortunals Fornera and Father Daniele Delle Donne.

The two Passionist Brothers accompanied the Priests - Brother Pellizzeri and Giovanni Adreani
This Journey to the new mission in Dodoma was accompanied by Misercordia Sisters from Verona.These were: -
Sister Arpalice Ferro, Sr.Yohana Turate, Sr.Mansueta Zanon, Sr.Juliana Lavard, Sr. Genovefa Barbazeni,and Sr. Paoleta Rossi.
The missionary journey from Italy arrived in Dar es Salaam on 29th December 1933.They arrived safely at Dodoma on 4th January 1934 where they were welcomed by Mons.Cagliero,Apostolic Prefect of Iringa and Father Tessier of the Holy Spirit missionary where was Superior General of Kondoa.
The newly arrived passionist missionaries were stationed at different places:Father Leone,Father Danielle,Delle Donne and Brother Giovanni went to Kondoa,while Father Dismas and Father Fotunato were stationed at Kurio .Later on Father Fortunato moved to Farkwa.Father Giovanni Ivaldi and Brother Roberto went to Bihawana.Father Georges Joye from Congo went to Bahi.

The Apostolic Prefecture was created on 10th January 1935 under Father Dismas Giannotti as The Apostolic prefect until 1936. Mons.Stanislaus Ambrosini was the next Apostolic prefect as from 1938 to 1941.The year 1941 to 1946 Father Joseph Bryne was the Apostolic prefect leading the Apostolic prefednie Diocese of Kilimanjaro.
The first fruit of the missionaries was the ordination of the first native to priesthood on 20th August 1944 Father Stephen Mlundi.On 20th March 1946 Father Theodore Mathews was appointed as Apostolic Administrator of Kondoa.He was in that office until 1951.