The Achidioceseof Dodoma began March, March 25, 1953 under the first bishop Antonio Geremia Pesce.Dodoma is among 13 Catholic Archidiocese in Tanzania. Geographically located in the central state some 450 miles [450 km] from the beach at a height of 3650 feet sea level.The archiodiocese involves the whole area of the state-owned sector of approximately 41310 square miles and 2,020,991 residents in the country are 321885 Catholics. In 1933-1951 The change of Dodoma was created from three main sections. Kondoa Irangi was postponed from the Multilateral Symposium.Bahia and Kibakwe were dropped from the Iringa Union.
Vicariate of the Apostles began in 1951 and continued until 1953 when Dodoma was made Archidiocese.

Catholicism came in 1907 at Kondoa with the Holy Spirit Missionary from Kilimanjaro. In 1910 they entered the Benedictine Dodoma missionary circuits and Makonze and subsequently entered Consolata missionaries from Iringa and started working in Bihawana areas. arrived at the 8th-century evangelical missionaries. In 2007, the Archidiocese of Dodoma thanked God for completing a hundred years of the spread of the Gospels. The date of the imprisonment was held on 29th November 2007, the day of commemorating the invasion of the great church of St. Paul's Cross.